Scarborough’s Highland Creek Watershed

The most urbanized watershed in the Toronto region, Scarborough’s Highland Creek watershed still offers a great escape in nature with remnant forests, wetlands and meadows ready for exploring.

Highland Creek consists of four branches, and while its northern portions are straightened and buried underground, further South parks such as Morningside Park and Colonel Danforth Park offer glimpses into what this area looked like pre-pioneer days.

HighlandcreekWatershed 2
Map of the Highland Creek Watershed and some of its park. TRCA

Similar to the Don River, early settlers to Scarborough used the waters of Highland Creek to power their saw and grist mills. The first mill, built in 1804 by William Helliwell, was constructed with stones hauled from Kingston, Ontario on the back of his sled in the dead of winter.


On a recent hike along the trail, lots of fresh deer scat was spotted in the forests, but unfortunately, no actual deer were spotted. Maybe you will be more lucky!

Fresh deer scat.

Ready to explore Highland Creek? A great place to start is The Highland Creek trail, which follows the creek from Old Kingston Road to East Point Park and the breathtaking Scarborough Bluffs, can be accessed from Colonel Danforth Park (Google map).


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